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​True Hope Treasures focuses on ministering to the elderly in our church. To provides a fun place for fellowship for the elderly in our church.

Events and Involvement​​

- Pro-Life Ministry
True Hope Treasures is proud to be heavily involved with the Pro-Life ministry in our church. We participate in almost every event listed on the Pro-Life Ministries page. Some of the major events coming up which we will be participating in our listed below.

- MCCL Fair Booth​​
We man the MCCl Fair Booth during the County Fair. If you our interesting in helping you can contact Carolyn Renn.

- National Day of Remembrance​​
The National Day of Remembrance​ was created in remembrance of all the unborn babies which were killed because of abortions. Join us in the Virginia Cemetery on September 10th starting at 11:00 am for a ceremony to remember the lives that were taken before they were able to be lived. 

-Baby Bottle Fundraiser​​
The Baby Bottle Fundraiser ​was created to help support the Woman Care Center in Duluth, MN. The Woman Care Center is actively working to keep woman from getting an abortion. They offer several services to the community of pregnant woman in Northern Minnesota. With the Baby Bottle Fundraiser your goal is to fill a baby bottle with spare change and hand it over to our church. We will than get that money to the Woman Care Center to support them financially. This event will start early September and go to late October.

-40 Days for Life​
The 40 Days for Life campaign will begin late September and go to early November. During this campaign we will partner with other churches in Northern Minnesota to pray outside the abortion clinic in Duluth Minnesota. Our prayers during this time will be focused on the abuse that unborn babies receive inside the walls of the abortion clinic. Join us during this time as we wage war against the forces of evil that are attacking the unborn children in this area.