True Hope Fellowship
Drawing Near to God​


"I will seek the Lord while He may be found,
Call upon Him while He is near.
Forsake my wicked ways and evil thoughts.
I will turn to the Lord,
​and the Lord will have mercy and pardon me." 
-​ Isaiah 55:6-7​​​
Kid's Club

Bring​ your kids over to the church on Wednesday's at 6:00 pm for fun and Jesus! Your children will have a blast playing games, hanging out with other kids, and most of all learning about God in a way that is applicable to them. Bring them on over for a wonderful Wednesday afternoon.
Sunday Morning Service

Sunday celebration begins at 10 am every Sunday. During the month of march Pastor Kallberg will be continuing to teach on "How to Walk With God in 2017". Come and join us as we continue to seek out God in the month of March.​
Mother's Day
To all sons, and daughters don't forget to honor your mothers this Mother's Day​. Mother's Day this year is going to be on May 14th. Our mother's deserve a lot of honor and respect, after all they take care of kids that can be brats at times. To show your appreciation to your mother giver her a hug, tell her how much you appreciate, and do not forget to tell her you love her. From True Hope we say happy mothers day to all the mothers out there, and we hope this Mother's day is very special for you.
Men's Breakfast
Guys if you are looking to grow in your walk with God, but also looking for some good food than you are in luck​! We have a Men's Breakfast coming up on May 20th. Come and join your fellow man as we dive into God's Word, and some good food.
Prime Timers
To all people aged 50+. Come on over to the church for prime timers on May 23rd​. If you enjoy good food, good fellowship, and a good message you will not be disappointed. The meeting starts at 11 and runs till about 12. Hope to see you guys there. 
Our potluck will be on May 28th​. Due to our amazing weather we will be having a grill out instead of staying indoors. Bring side salads and desserts.
Memorial Day
Our veterans deserve the utmost respect in our community​, and here at True Hope we wish to honor those who have served this country courageously in the field of battle or off it. Your service to your country is and always will be commendable to the highest degree. And to the families in our community who have lost a loved one due to war our hearts go out to you as we remember the ultimate sacrifice they made to protect the freedoms of others. Again from the bottom of our hearts we thank those that have served. Memorial Day is May 29th. Do not forget to honor the veterans in your life.