True Hope Fellowship





  God's Choice Pro-Life Ministry

  "We believe in life from conception to natural death"

The Pro-Life group is under the umbrella of True Hope Fellowship, but has members from various other churches. We only ask that you are passionately Pro-Life and want to help save these little unborn babies. Even if you don't attend a church, we would love to have you join our ministry.

Some of the things that we do are:

- Give Baby Showers
We have given six baby showers for single moms in the last year or so. We encourage young mothers to keep their babies or give them up for adoption. So many loving couples would love to adopt, but so few babies are available because of abortion.

- Woman's Care Center of Duluth
We support the Care Center in Duluth as it is across the street from the actual abortion clinic. They offer free pregnancy tests, free ultra-sounds, parenting classes, counselors, information on all options including adoption, and run a Crib Club where new moms can acquire baby items. Our ministry donates items to the Crib Club, and we do a baby bottle fundraiser in the fall. If pregnant mothers are having problems and don't know where to turn, we can help direct them to the Care Center.

- Mother's and Father's Day
We give a little something to our Mothers and Fathers in our churches to say "Thanks Mom and Dad for Life!"

- Parades
Our ministry walks in the Gilbert and Eveleth's 3rd and 4th of July parades to bring awareness, we hand out literature and candy.

- Fair
We volunteer to help man the MCCL St. Louis County Fair Pro-Life booth.

- National Day of Remembrance for the Unborn
In September there is a service and memorial for all the little ones that didn't get a chance to live.

- 40 Days For Life
In the fall we go to the actual abortion clinic in Duluth and do a peaceful prayer vigil outside the clinic. This goes on for 40 days straight. Many volunteers from Duluth and local areas take part. Many lives have been saved because of 40 Days for Life all over the world.

- MCCL Fall Tour
We also attend the Fall tour in which someone from MCCL comes to talk to us about all the legislation that they helped get passed or want to get passed. We try and contact our Congress people Local and Federal to make our input on these bills.

- Food Collection
There is a food collection once a month in which the food is given to our single moms.

- Rummage Sale
Our Ministry has a huge Rummage Sale once a year in the spring and a smaller fundraiser in the fall. All the proceeds go to fund our Pro-Life work.

 We have our meetings the first Tuesday of every month in the church basement at  6:30 p.m.

If you would like to get in contact with us you can do so at these numbers

Carolyn Renn  (218) 741-5394 or,
                          (218) 994-1246
Michelle Fair   (218) 410-4817
Chris Mitchell (218) 741-2825