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“Put your hope in God” Psalm 42:5

Thomas Paine wrote “These are times that try men’s souls.” As I write these points, I concur with Mr. Paine. Our world is facing a crisis unlike any we have experienced.

I believe we can learn from the Psalms David wrote now to walk through the most difficult places in life. When I read and pray the Psalms, I notice several things David always seems to do.

First: David dumps all his troubles on God. Second: David reminds himself of the awesome character and love of God. Lastly: David chooses to trust God and not let fear and worry consume him.

We find these same things happening in Psalm 42, (Please read the Psalm). Although this was written by the Sons of Korah, it follows David’s pattern. They remember being in God’s presence and use faith filled self-talk to fight the inner battle trying to overwhelm them. Two times in the midst of being overwhelmed by circumstances, they cry out. “Put your hope in God.”

This is my simple encouragement to each of you as we walk through our current worldwide crisis. Pray the Psalms of David. Follow his example in your time with God. And every day, every minute choose to “Put your hope in God.” Then the peace of God will guard your heart.

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