True Hope Fellowship

     Dear Friend, April 2021

“He has risen, He is not here…., but go, tell His disciples AND PETER.” Mark 16:7

        The resurrection of Jesus is all about freedom, life and forgiveness, but for Peter, it was about a second chance.

Have you ever wanted a second chance?

  • Maybe you said mean things and now you wish you could take them back.
  • Maybe you did not wait until marriage and now you wish you had.
  • Maybe you lied and now you wish you had a second chance to be honest.
  • Maybe you chose work over God or family and now you are wishing for a second chance.

        All of us could make a list of our past mistakes and regrets, places we wish we could be given just one more chance to do the right thing the right way.

        The resurrection teaches us what Peter thought was impossible is more than possible. Because “He is risen,” Peter received a second chance.

        I want to remind you, Peter is the one who after announcing “Lord, I would never leave you,” denies the Lord not once or twice, but three times. We can imagine how Peter must have felt. We have all experienced those feelings of shame, conviction, hurt and hopelessness when we have done things we knew were wrong, when we have said things we can’t take back.

        Why didn’t the angel say to the women “Go tell the disciples and John, or Luke or James?” I think the answer is simply this: Peter needed to know, he would get a second chance to love Jesus with all his heart, soul, mind and strength.

        As we approach Easter in this month of April, I challenge you to settle this issue in your life. Whatever your sin, mistake or foolish decision:

  • The resurrection tells us a second chance is possible.
  • The resurrection tells us forgiveness and restoration are available.
  • The resurrection tells us God’s power is available to help us do it right the second time.

    May you experience the resurrection power of a second chance during this Easter season.

Your friend and Pastor
Joel Kallberg

Points from the Pastor's Pen