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Points from the Pastor's Pen

Encouraging Your Pastor
By Ron Partridge (your Sabbatical Pastor)

        I have pastored over 25 years and I am in a unique season of my ministry. I am in a place where I can encourage the Church on some ways they can be encouraging to their pastor. Pastors, along with the other offices of the five-fold ministry, are a gift to the church. How can you be encouraging to pastors? This is by no means an exhaustive list but it is ways that were either encouraging to me over the years or I wished they would have been.

        Pray for your pastors. I know that it seems a no brainer. But pray for them. Pray for them more if you are already praying for them. They are on the frontlines. A visible target for the enemy.
Tell them when GOOD things have happened. For example, if God answers a prayer, even if it is a small thing and/or if you read something in the Bible that really spoke to your spirit or you had a revelation. Do you know that pastors more often here when people are sick and hurting and they do not here enough of GOOD things happening in the people they shepherd? Let them know the GOOD!

        Be patient with them as they lead the church. There are so many voices out there that are trying to get their attention on how to lead the church and what to do that they need to have time to hear what God is saying to them. They not only hear things from conferences or books but even individuals in the church. Be patient with them as they seek God for the plans and purposes for the church. Also I will slip this in again…pray for them.

        The last thing I suggest is to make sure they are taken care of financially the best you can as a church. If times are ever tight just think creatively. Just make sure you do your best to provide for them.

        This is by no means the full list. But I just want you to know your pastors love you. They have sacrificed for you. The expend energy and time to help you become who God desires you to be. Make sure you do all things in your power to build up, encourage, and bless them as they shepherd you from season to season in life.

Your Brother in Christ,
Ron Partridge