True Hope Fellowship

Dear Friend,                                                                                                                          August, 2021

“How shall they hear without SOMEONE TELLING them?” Romans 10:14

Question? Who told you! Your response! Told me what? Answer! About Jesus.

In Romans 10:14, the key verb is “TELLING.” If anyone is going to become a follower of Jesus, SOMEONE has to TELL them the good news. Can you remember who told you? Have you ever thanked them? I encourage you to call, text, email and thank them for TELLING you the most important news in the history of mankind. NOW go and TELL the Good News to someone else.

Here are five reasons why we must, in the midst of cancel culture, continue to share our faith.

        Your Love for God: 2 Corinthians 5:14, “The love of Christ compels me.” If you really love Jesus, you can’t help but talk about Him.

        Compassion for others: Matthew 9:36, “When Jesus saw the crowds He had compassion on them for they were like sheep without a shepherd.” When our eyes are opened to the painful brokenness of those within our circle of influence, how can we keep from telling them about who will help and heal them.

        Judgment Day: 2 Corinthians 5:10-11, “For we will all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.” One day every follower of Jesus will either say to Jesus, “No, I was afraid to tell others the Good News” or “Yes, I told others the Good News.”

        The Soon Return of Christ: 2 Peter 3:9-10, “But the Day of the Lord will come……” Every tick of the clock moves us closer to His return. When Christ returns, your opportunity to TELL those you love the Good News will be gone.

        The Reality of Hell: Did you know Jesus talked more about hell than He did about heaven? Why? Because hell is a real place and we must TELL each one the Good News that heaven is a better option.

This is why we are conducting a “Midway Outreach” on July 31st and August 14th. It is also why we host a Vacation Bible School August 16th-19th, for kids each year. The Good News of the Gospel must be spoken by someone to someone else.

Now I want to suggest some practical ideas on how you can TELL the Good News.

        Start with Prayer: Use a prayer list and speak the person’s name each day to God.
        Ask God for an Opportunity: Often when people have a problem or a crisis, this will be your window of opportunity. Do not miss it.
        Learn the Plan of Salvation: I recently noticed the app, “How to Share Your,” on my cell phone. Check it out. Be prepared.
Be Bold but Gentle: Someone must TELL the Good News, but no one has ever come to faith through intimidation.
        Tell Your Story: Just explain how you came to believe in Jesus.
        Decide to help with our Midway Outreach or Vacation Bible School.
God has chosen you to be the “someone” to TELL the Good News of the Gospel to someone else.

I am praying that you will TELL your story and others will believe and receive the gift of salvation.

Your friend and Pastor

Joel Kallberg