True Hope Fellowship

The 1st Sunday of the month is Communion .

4th Sunday of the month is Potluck.

Tuesday morning prayer: Men- 8:30-9:30, Ladies 10:30-11:30

February 14th, 6:00 Couples dinner and presentation of a video, "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage."

February 15th 8:30 Men's Breakfast, Authentic Manhood

February 21st Assembly of God Sectional Fellowship Meeting at Abundant Life Church in Hibbing, MN 

                          Dinner at 5:30, service at 7:00

February 23rd Annual Business Meeting, with Pizza and Potluck after service.

February 25th, 11:00 Primetimers,

March 4th, 6:30 Night of Worship

March 8th Daylight Saving Time begins

March 14th 10:00 Women of Hope

March 18th 6:30 Royal Rangers and Polka Dot Girls Derby races

March 21st 8:30 Men's Breakfast, Authentic Manhood

March 24th Primetimers

March 27th-28th Men's Advance


February/ March