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                               20 new year questions for Christ followers


                                    "One ship drives east, the other west,

                                       while the self-same breezes blow. 

                                    It's the set of the sail and not the gale,

                                      that determines which way we go."

        The end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 brings before each of us, the opportunity to reflect, evaluate, and adjust (if needed) the direction  our life is headed. The following questions are designed to help you  reflect, evaluate and adjust the set of your soul, so you will continue in 2020 to focus on Jesus first, in all you think, say, and do.

1.) Is there anyone I need to forgive?

2.) Is there anyone who would not be pleased to see me? Why?

3.)Do I find advice and commands of others difficult? Am I teachable?

4.)Am I becoming impatient in the routine of my duties?

5.) What am I like at home?

6.) Am I trustworthy, never breaking a confidence? Can I keep a secret? Is the reputation of others safe in my hands.

7.) Am I faithful to God in my personal Bible study and prayer?

8.) Am I given to fault finding or being critical of others? 

9.) Am I faithful to the service of my church; can I be counted on?

10.) Am I impatient with interruptions, or do I meet them graciously?

11.)Have I been pure?

12.) Do I control my tongue?

13.)Am I argumentative? Do I insist on my own way?

14.)Am I quick to acknowledge my faults and ask forgiveness?

15.) Do I love to be alone with God? Do I practice this?

16.) Am I a test or a trial to others?

17.) Is my imagination under the control of the Holy Spirit? Am I given to useless daydreaming?

18.) Is there anything in my life that I am not willing to give up for the cause of Christ? 

19.) Do I daily express appreciation, especially to my family?

20.)Am I truthful, even when tempted not to be? Do I speak the truth with love? (Ephesians 4:15)

       As I consider these questions, I say "Lord help each of us in 2020 to be more focused on Jesus. Help us to adjust our sail, so the Word of God and the Holy spirit can continue to encourage, empower, and direct our lives together in the ways God intends for us to go. Oh Lord, help us to let go of all the past failures and hurts, so we can sail with the wind of God's Spirit into 2020.

       Esther and I are praying that the wind of the Holy Spirit will blow into your life in this next year. We are praying God will direct your thoughts, words, and deeds, and you will live in the absolute center of His will in 2020.

Your Pastor and friend,

Joel Kallberg

Points from the Pastor's Pen .