True Hope Fellowship

Points from the Pastor's Pen

“At that time, men began to call on the name of the LORD.” Genesis 4:26b

As we enter a new year, I am feeling compelled to call all Christ followers to take up the God-given, Holy Spirit inspired ministry of intercession. Genesis chapter 4 gives us a window into the dark days after Adam and Eve’s sin and Cain kills Abel.

        It was then and only then (At that time!) people began to call (proclaim, cry out) to the LORD. What will be said about present Christ followers ten, twenty and one hundred years from now (if Jesus has not come) in how we lived through these dark days? Did we huddle in our houses and complain about all the wrong things going on around us? Did we, like the culture around us give into the spirit of fear and anger and decide all we desire is for life to return to normal?

        OR, will it be said about us that we were different? That we continued to live with faith, hope, and love and began, as never before, to call on the LORD in intercession for our leaders to turn to the LORD, for truth in our media, for an end to abortion, for an end to Covid, for the salvation of those in our circle of influence. I pray for those who read these points, that 2021 will be the year for you to choose to become an intercessor who cries out to God for all the things in our world and culture that are not right.

        At True Hope we have set aside January 3rd-9th as a week of fasting and prayer. Jesus told the disciples when they lacked the spiritual power to drive out evil spirits, “This kind only comes out by prayer and fasting.” Mark 9:29. So, I am challenging each of you to skip some meals and fast and pray during the first full week of January 2021.

        I also want to thank and bless all of you who helped with our Christmas outreaches to Katherine’s House, the Detox Center, Bill’s House, Angel Tree, and sending cards to our shut-ins. This was a wonderful demonstration that we refuse to be silenced in proclaiming Jesus and we still choose to be the light of Christ in the midst of the darkness. I also wish to thank each of you who have been faithful in your tithes, offerings , and giving to missions. It is because of your faithful giving True Hope will end 2020 with our bills paid and in the black. I am looking forward into 2021 and praying for each of you, with hope in Jesus that our best days are yet to come.


Your Pastor and Friend,