True Hope Fellowship

                                                  “All the believers were TOGETHER……” Acts 2:44a

        Together! Together with those we love. Together with family. Together in worship. Together in prayer and intercession. Together in caring and sharing. Together in tears, pain and struggles. Together in encouragement and speaking the truth in love.

        This is what God intended and designed the church to be. Christ-followers walking together into all the ups and downs of this life. This is why Jesus told us, “wherever two or three of you are together in my name, I am there in your midst.” ( Matthew 18:20 )

        When Christ-followers come together to love, to grow, to serve and to share, the very presence of a holy God is present. It is in these together times that often healing, strengthening, encouragement and even hope grows bigger than our struggles. And we leave these together times better than when we came. It is in these together times as we worship, love, and share together, We become better together than we will ever be all alone.

        So even as I write these thoughts about the blessings of Christ-followers being together, I am anticipating the next time Christ-followers come together. For it is as we come together under the lordship of Jesus that hope grows, discouragement lifts, healing flows and we leave better than when we came. This is why each Christ-follower must choose to walk together with Jesus in 2018. This is why the Hebrews 10:25 tells us to “not give up the habit of meeting together as some have begun to do.”

        “Oh Father God, please fill our together times with your love and your grace. May our together moments grow us, encourage us, fill us with renewed hope and empower us to share this good news with others.”

Your Pastor and Friend,