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For “who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct Him?” But we have the mind of Christ. 1 Corinthians 2:16

        Did you know we can know what God knows about us and our circumstances? I find myself fascinated with the idea that I can have the “mind of Christ”. For although it is clear I can’t know all God knows (Isaiah 55:9 teaches God’s thoughts are higher that our thoughts), the Apostle Paul teaches us in Philippians 2:5 to have the “mind of Christ” in how we respond to others.

        So two questions come to mind. How can I know when I have the “mind of Christ” (what God thinks) about a certain circumstance? And why is having the “mind of Christ” so important? I believe knowing what God is thinking about me and my circumstances is very important because:

  • It helps me know right and wrong.
  • When I know that God is thinking about me all the time (Psalm 139) I feel loved.
  • When I have the “mind of Christ” I make my decisions without fear and worry.
  • When I know that God loves me, desires to forgive me, desires to encourage and strengthen me, I begin to make better choices in both my attitudes and actions.

So what can we do so we can say with Paul “we have the ‘mind of Christ’”?

  • We begin to gain the “mind of Christ” when we acknowledge the Bible gives us insights into the “mind of Christ”!
  • We will continue to grow in the “mind of Christ” as we submit in obedience to the Bible and obey God’s instructions in both our attitudes and actions.
  • As we read, study, memorize, pray, and apply God’s Words to our lives, then and only then will we begin to say, ”I think I know what God thinks about this”.
  • It will be during and after we begin this process, as we spend time in prayer seeking God’s direction, He will remind us of a Bible verse, give us a thought or revelation and we will know what to do and what God is thinking about us and our circumstance.

        When we begin to have the “mind of Christ”, how we do life will begin to change. As we change our desire to honor and please God with both our attitudes and actions will become greater than our desire to please self and others. May we gain the “mind of Christ”.

Your Pastor and friend,

Joel Kallberg

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