True Hope Fellowship

Points From the Pastor's Pen

                                                             Let us fix our eyes on Jesus…….
                                         who for the joy set before Him, endured the cross….. Hebrews 12:2

           When you look to your future, what do you see? Jesus looked past His suffering and saw joy! What Jesus saw through eyes of faith helped Him endure the cross.

           If you are going to get through your troubles/trials/suffering without getting cynical or bitter, you must fix your eyes of faith on Jesus. When you allow all your thoughts and emotions to be fixed solely on your troubles, you will usually be overwhelmed with fear, stress and hopelessness. Yet, Jesus in His suffering at the cross, looked into the future and saw joy. (Scripture teaches us; The joy of the Lord is our strength, Neh. 8:10) And Jesus endured the cross and experienced that joy.

         In our difficult places, we must remind ourselves of how Jesus focused on the coming joy and endured. Scripture teaches us as Jesus entered the Garden of Gethsemane, He asked His disciples to pray. Then Jesus prayed, “Father all things are possible with you…..nevertheless, not my will but Your will be done.”


        Luke tells us that God sent an angel to come and strengthen Him.

        In your place of trouble:

a.) Be humble enough to ask others to pray

b.) Seek the Father and surrender your will to the Father’s will.

c.) Look for the joy of the Lord that is sure to come.

           I am praying God’s joy and peace will flood your innermost being and you will see joy in your future.


        Your Pastor and friend,

        Joel Kallberg