True Hope Fellowship

Points from the Pastor's Pen

Dear Friend,

“ The harvest is past, the summer is ended and we are not saved.”  Jeremiah 8:20

        Do you have a favorite season of the year? The season of fall is my favorite. I love the
reds, oranges, and yellows of the leaves and the days which are a little bit cooler. But, like most
of you, I don’t like the thought that winter is oh so close, and I still have outdoor projects to finish!

        As I consider the changing of the seasons, God’s Spirit reminds me about the seasons in
our lives and the seasons of the Last Days before Jesus returns. The return of Jesus is oh so
close! As the changes in nature’s colors and temperature tell us winter is almost here, we hurry
to finish those outside projects before the snow and cold is upon us. So too we must be diligent
to prepare for the return of Jesus.

        So many within our circles of influence are not saved. So many across our world have yet
to hear that Jesus loves them, died for their sins and has gone to prepare a place for them. Yet
many of us followers of Jesus are doing little, if anything, to help our neighbors, friends, family,
and coworkers prepare for the return of Jesus and eternity. Most surveys show that few Christ
followers actually share their faith with others.

        As followers of Jesus, I challenge you to sense the urgency of the season. Ask Jesus for
opportunities to tell those you know about the “Good News.” Ask for courage to speak up and
stand up!!! Someone has said “the simplicity of the Gospel is one beggar telling another beggar
where to find bread.”

        Can you sense in your spirit that the time of Christ’s return is almost upon us? Can you
feel the urgency of this moment in time? There are people God has allowed to come under your
influence so you can tell them where to find bread. I pray that each of us will share our spiritual
bread with those around us who are oh so hungry, and in many cases do not even realize it.

Your Pastor and Friend,