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Dear Friend,
        In my daily devotions, I am presently reading through the book of Isaiah. I have rediscovered how very relevant Isaiah is to our current crisis in America. In Isaiah chapter 5, Isaiah shares a prophetic word that is all about the corporate sins of Israel and Judah and God’s coming judgment.
        This prophetic word is also a picture of the sins of our nation and God’s coming judgment on our nation if, as a nation, we refuse to repent. Isaiah uses six woes to describe the sinful state of that nation (and America).
        You will find these points most helpful if you open your Bible to Isaiah chapter five and read along as we note each woe or warning. In verses 1-7, God spoke through Isaiah that Israel was His vineyard, yet the vineyard produced no good fruit. In verse five, God says He will remove the hedge (protection) from around the vineyard and the vineyard will be destroyed. Then Isaiah uses six woes or warnings to list Israel’s sins and the reasons God will remove His protection from around the nation.

        1) “Woe to you who add house to house.” verse 8. This is the sin of materialism. America                 has so much stuff and all we want is more.

        2) “Woe to you who are …..inflamed with wine.” verse 11. This is the sin of seeking                          pleasure above all else. In America we are addicted to drugs, alcohol and entertainment.             All for one more thrill.

       3) “Woe to those who pull sin along in a cart.” Verse 18-19. This is the sin of having an                   arrogance about sin. In America, every imaginable sin is now flaunted openly. In many                 cases our news media and our national leaders are applauding this flaunting of sin.

       4) “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.” Verse 20. This is the sin of confusing                 right and wrong. In America, we no longer adhere to Biblical truth. Abortion has become               a woman’s choice, homosexuality is called an alternative lifestyle, and atheism is called              modern science.

       5) “Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes.” Verse 21. This is the sin of thinking we                 are smarter than God.” In America, we no longer are looking to God and the scriptures                 for solutions to our country’s issues. In America we believe more education, more                      programs, and more man centered ideas will solve all our problems.

      6) “Woe to those who…. deny justice to the innocent.” Verses 22-23. This is the sin of                      corrupt leadership. In America, we no longer trust our leadership. Why? Because too many leaders have given in to the temptations of money, sex, and power.

        Israel/Judah continued to practice these sins and God removed His protection. God’s final judgment came to Israel in 70 A.D. when General Titus of the Roman army captured Jerusalem, destroyed the temple, and God’s vineyard was no more. Can God do any less with America?

        All true followers of Christ must pray for our nation and its leaders. We must cry out to God for mercy and national repentance. If America continues to practice these sins, God’s judgment will come to America, just as it came to the nation of Israel. Every believer must practice 2 Chronicles 7:14.

        I am praying our nation will choose repentance over judgment. How are you praying?

Your friend and Pastor
Joel Kallberg

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